Zenfone C is with Minimum Features as Compared to other Zenfones

The Asus Company of smart phones has recently launched its very new phone called the Zenfone C. It is the newest version of the already existing Zenfone series of smart phones that have been earlier develop by the company. Asus is believed to build phones that are not only provide all the features but also fit the budget entirely. Zenfone phones usually come under the range of ten thousand rupees.

Zenfone C ilife

Features of Zenfone C

Before comparing this phone with its predecessors, first let’s just have a look on its features:

The phone has the unique app that lets you have a control over your personal computers with just your phone. It has the special feature of Remote and PC link. All the other apps are also pre-installed in it with Omlet, Zinio and Supernote being the highlight of it.

The phone works on a satisfying speed giving processor of Intel dual core. The storage capacity of the phone is of the order of 1GB in the case of RAM and 8GB in the case of its internal storage card.

Talking about the structure of the phone, then it has a got a wide screen of 4.5 inches, making it easy to handle. It has got a very shinny chin which grabs the entire attention. Nextly, it has got a very chunky and peppy look, being available in three bright colours: black, white and red.

Now, this phone has been considered to possess fewer features as compared to the other existing Zenfone smart phones.

  • The first thing that has been kept very low in Zenfone C is that it has got a very low storage capacity while other Zenfones are capable of providing the internal storage capacity as high as 64GB.
  • It dual core processor of Intel Atom Z2520 just gives the speed of 1.2 GHz as compared to the other Zenfone smart phones which run on a speed of 2 GHz and even more.
  • The camera quality is also very low as compared to other Zenfones which have the rare camera of 13 MP. The picture quality of Asus Zenfone C is very low and perhaps the most disappointing feature of the phone.

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