Writing Essay – From A Beginner To An Expert

Essay writing is anintegral part of any student’s academic performance. In many universities,the essay is an important part of the entrance examination, and it applies not only to courses where the subject area is literature, languages, or history. The way you write essay says a lot about your writing skills, your ability to commit to paper, as well as your persuasive skills – all these are important in any field of activity. This is because a term paper is not a simple idea expressing on the paper; there are some specific rules for this task.

Expert Tips

Although genre essay provides freedom of creativity. The beauty of this specific kind of writing is that it can be written on any subject and in any style, about anything and in any way because an essay is your thinking about what you have heard, read, or experienced. In case you find it difficult to write a term paper on your own, you can buy assignments online from professional academic writing services!


On the front burner of an essay is the identity of the author, his thoughts, feelings, and attitude toward the world. This is the main purpose of the writing assignment. However, the writer must remember that despite the creative freedom, to write essays is not so easy since it is necessary to find an original idea and provide an original opinion in the paper.

In order to express your personal idea in the essay in the most effective way, you should

  • Provide numerous examples;
  • Draws parallels;
  • Demonstrate analogy;
  • Uses all sorts of associations.

For this purpose, you should use metaphors, allegorical parable and images, symbols, and comparisons.

When writing a term paper, it is also important to consider the following points:

  • Your introduction and conclusion should focus on the issue (the introduction states your main idea, whereas a conclusion summarizes it).
  • There should be somedivision of the text, red lines, and the establishment of a logically linked paragraphs so that the integrity of the work is achieved.

You should also pay attention to the style statement of your writing; it should be emotional, expressive, and artistry. Experts believe that short, simple, varied in tone sentences are the most effective in an essay. However, the writing style should reflect the personality characteristics; it is also useful to remember that.


Recommendations on Writing Style

Do not overuse sophisticated words and expressions, but avoid slang and abbreviations in your essay writing. In general, try to write short simple sentences, sometimes diluting them by longer statements. The purpose is to provide the essence of clarity and precision that the reader can easily follow the progress of thoughtswithout being distracted by extraneous considerations. The logical transition from one paragraph to another can sometimes cause serious difficulties for the author. To maintain the connectivity between different parts of the text, use connecting words and transition expressions performing various functions (however, therefore, all in all, in turn, etc.)

By following these simple rules, you will be able to improve your writing style and produce a successful essay on any topic and of any complexity!

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