Why to Choose Nearshore Companies in Outsourcing?

Outsourcing is getting immensely popular – because that’s convenient for so many reasons. First of all, it’s cost effective to the countries that participate in the outsourcing market and profitable for both the service provider and receiver country. And now it’s easier as well – thanks to the ever growing bandwidth and faster internet technology. Even in cases outsourcing is replacing traditional job offerings and people no longer want a regular job because outsourcing brings more money.

While all of these reality is true, the companies that outsource their job among employers or freelance companies from other countries – they should follow one definite policy and that is to hire freelancers from nearshore countries to make the whole thing little less hectic. We have explained why.

What is nearshore outsourcing?

If you had been wondering what nearshore outsourcing is – it’s that type of outsourcing where the job is outsourced to somewhere close to the originating country – preferably some neighbor nation or just another country in the same region.

While nearshore may not necessarily represent distance, the distance is still very important here. However, the main purpose of choosing nearshore outsourcing is to keep a minimal amount of distance between time zones and to minimize cultural gaps.


Nearshore outsourcing is almost like offshoring, just the difference is the outsourced company happens to be in the nearly same time zone. Hence, possible a neighboring country or some country in your region – the time zone will not be the same otherwise. If your company happens to be in Europe, you may not want an offshoring company from Asia to provide you service.

Depending on the nature of the job and how stressful it is – the pay could be around $20 to $40 per hour. People requiring heavier brain works could even ask for lot more – people doing easier job will definitely take a lot less.

Nail it with Nearshore Outsourcing

Nearshore outsourcing could be easier than offshoring outsourcing. In offshored outsourcing jobs, the contractors are often from some place very far from the job’s original location – ending up in unacceptable cultural differences and mindsets. In such cases, it’s neither cost effective nor practical to train up the contractor rather hiring a nearshore freelance is practical.

Few issues may arise though – pricing to be named in instance. For offshoring outsourcing jobs, most companies offer their far-living employees a good pay. Not much in the company’s standard yet in the outsourcer’s country the currency may convert into a lot of money because of the economical differences – while the payment still being very reasonable at the employee’s end. On the other hand, currency e.g. dollar conversion rates may be almost similar for nearby countries and it could become difficult for both the employee and the employer to keep up with the ever growing demands.

Say for the IT industry, a third party nearshore software development company in-between the process could be of use. They may offer everything required from experience to manpower, guaranteed short time span for getting a project done etc. Just make sure the company has an attractive portfolio and they are trustworthy.


Nearshore outsourcing is quite a convenient option for both the freelancer and the company. If everything else seems alright, the industries should recruit more nearshore outsourcers to fill up the gap in their human resources.

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