Using Technology for Character History Searches

As a business owner or hiring manager for a company, it is your job to make sure the right people are joining your team. In the past, much of this filtering had to be done on the spot and face-to-face in interviews. And some people are tricky. They can fool the system. However, with the onset of some newer types of technology, specifically social media searches and standardized personality tests, these sorts of character management and judgment processes are becoming easier and more effective. Take a moment to consider what type of information is becoming more readily available.

Social Media Information             

People older than a certain age have trouble remembering what the world was like before social media took over. It is the go-to platform for everything – from information about birthdays and special events, to finding out what people really think about politics, religion, music, and even their own family members. As a hiring coordinator, this information, though maybe stilted through various lenses, is fair game. What a person posts publically is a huge part of their personality, and even things like work ethic can come through in the ways that they use language.


Personality Test Surveys and Software     

There are very intriguing tests that have come out in the last years that can help potential employers filter out the wrong kind of candidate. Verbal forms of these types of tests might even potentially be used by landlords to prevent any sort of late rental payment issues that can occur with certain types of people. These tests are designed in a way to check for consistency, and to make sure that people aren’t giving false information. There is a specific type of attention to detail that is required to be honest, and this kind of data gathering can be very helpful.

Big Data Means More Accurate Data   

The more data that is collected about people, the more accurately trends can be assessed. This is a good thing for employers and potential employees! If there is a good match between skill sets and personality types, then a lot of tension can be avoided. The ability of software algorithms to connect these dots is getting better on an exponential basis, and there is no reason not to use that to your advantage. Organic, natural searches for the right people in the right professional places will eventually create efficient, fulfilling workplaces.

In order to be a part of this trend, test the waters. Find out what sort of social media research is most accurate, and start using it. Find out what sort of surveys are available, and begin to put them in your headhunting processes. The most successful companies of the future are going to be the ones that can handle these processes the most effectively.

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