How to Upgrade to OS X Mountain Lion

It’s been a while since Apple launched its most advanced Mac Operating system, that is the Mac OSX 10.8 aKa Mountain Lion. Apple’s always surprises its users delivering great features with impressive performance. I’ve been using the Mountain Lion for quite a long time, maybe around twenty to thirty days and i’m falling in love with it each day.! Apple also released an update last week and mine is still due. Looks like you are seeking for some help with how to update your current OSX installation to the most advanced Mac OS yet, So lets get started.

First of all you will need to confirm if your Mac hardware supports the new Mountain Lion, you can check the Full List Of Macs Compatible With OS X Mountain Lion here. If you bought your mac around 2008 you can skip the step and if you purchased your iMac in Mid 2007 your lucky enough to have the Mountain Lion rolling on your disks! Most of the mac users already have OSX Lion running, you can also find out if your current Mac Computer qualifies just by clicking the black glossy Apple icon at the top left of your desktop, Choose About This Mac and then click on More Info as shown in the screen shot below.


So once you’re done checking the comparability its time to be sure that your updated. To install Mountain lion your need to have the latest version of the operating system. Make sure you have updated to the latest version Lion or Snow Leopard. To check the same you can follow the pic below.
Now Open the Apple Mac App Store from your Dock or if you dont have it on the dock you can again click on the Black Apple Logo. After opening the App Store you will have to buy and download Mountain Lion which weights around 4.5 giga bytes. Then follow the onscreen instructions to install it. If you don’t have broadband access, you can visit any  nearby retail Apple Store to get help with downloading if you’re having issues with your internet.
After Downloading the Operating System you can proceed with the installation. Its one of the easiest install ever. Once its started you can go to the kitchen and have some cold drink and some snacks and when you return you’d be seeing the most advanced Operating system waiting for you. if you have any issues stopping you to install this great piece of software feel free to comment hear and let me know i’l surely try to sort it out for you!

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