Top 5 YouTube Channels For Geeks

YouTube offers a plethora of videos.From epic fails to sports highlights, how to guides to conspiracy theories, the options are literally endless. When you find yourself searching the library of infinite possibilities and become interested in acquiring a wealth of random knowledge, we know just where to point you.  Though it may sound a bit hard to believe, YouTube hasa number of educational outlets that can help propel you one step closer to ruling the world of nerd. Dare to get a bit geeky and embrace the unusual with the top five YouTube channels for geeks, because in the end, we’re all a tad nerdy.


NASA Youtube Channel

The ultimate outlet for all things space is NASA’s very own YouTube channel.  If you’ve ever dreamt of becoming an astronaut but never quite reached the moon, this channel will do its best job to make that dream a reality. With the most up-to-date videos on NASA space explorations and expeditions, subscribing to this channel will grant you access to the eyes and ears of one of the most exciting and progressive organizations in the world.  When you’re ready to pioneer infinity and beyond, subscribe to this channel and let your geek flag fly.

2. Nerdist

Nerdist Youtube Channel

The centralized headquarters for nerd, geeks and everything in between is the Nerdist channel. When encyclopedias and school text books begin to bore you, work your way through this library of video knowledge on tap. The Nerdist channel features everything from satire comedy to cartoon spoofs, geeky skits and an all-around surplus of good laughs, funny people and nerdy concepts.  When life hands you jocks and meatheads, get a bit nerdy with the Nerdist channel, which is sure make you the center of attention during any dinner party.

3. Crash Course

Crash Course Youtube Channel

If you forgot to pay attention in Science and Social Studies but manage to excel in nerdiness, this is the channel for you.  Two brothers by the name of John and Hank Green will serve to you the most vital information in regard to History, Biology, Literature, Ecology and Chemistry.  When your knowledge of the periodic table or the great depression goes into deep hideaway, check out this channel which can help you revisit the classroom in a fun and interactive way. The Crash Course channel can become a great resource for children looking to gain extra facts and wisdom on a plethora of things vital to the human brain.

4. TWit

Twit Youtube Channel

Tech geeks are far different from normal nerds and smarty pants, for the mere fact that they flourish in an industry that continues to change and progress. With new products, software programs and developments on the rise, how is one tech nerd supposed to keep up with the barrage of fluster that happens in the tech world? The answer is the TWit channel, perfect for receiving up-to-date news on happenings, developments and whatever drama that is stirred up within the crazy world of technology.

5. Geek & Sundry

Geek and Sundry Youtube Channel

The best of the best when it comes to indie geek culture, this YouTube channel will have you channeling your inner nerd for hours on end.  This channel features the brilliance of Will Wheaton, Veronica Belmont, Felicia Day and other popular comic minds and geniuses alike. Geeks & Sundry pumps out daily video content on everything from science and music to comics and movie culture.  The team at Geeks & Sundry loves receiving feedback to make their channel pure nerdy entertainment, so pop on over and check out some of their videos, sure to cram your brain with laughter and knowledge.

In a world focused around athletes, musicians and movie stars we tend to forget about the brains behind most of what makes our entertainment and everyday life possible. When you have some free time at work or a few hours to kill behind the computer, check out the aforementioned YouTube channels to become enlightened on all things nerd.

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