Top 5 Best SEO Apps for Android tablets

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization, which is a process to gain visibility on World Wide Web search portals. SEO may target different kind of searches like, image search, local search or video search. If you want to earn money on Internet then you need to increase number of visitors on your website. To help in such purpose SEO’s comes handy. They know how people search for the data, the search terms which are entered and how actually the search engine will work. Some of the components of the SEO include creating backlinks, web hosting, updating website performance, and most important, keyword search.

Since most of the work in now done through Tablets and mobiles, lots of SEO apps have been introduced for Android users. Sometimes you may have to use a combination of apps to complete your work and check the reports. You can view real time statistics, and analyse the report generated by Search Engine Optimizer. Here are few of the best SEO apps for Android tablet users:

seo apps for android

Google Analytics

This is free of cost app by Google for Android users to check all the stats on the mobile/tablet itself. It will let you know which type of users visited your website and what all data they checked from there. This way you will know what data to post to keep inviting them back. It will provide you data on basis of social analysis, content analysis, advertising analysis and mobile analysis. These reports will surely help you in increasing your revenues.


This user friendly app is very simple to use and check the stats directly on mobile. You can put up widget on your home screen to reduce the time to login and opening the website. IT will provide various statistic charts to compare the various queries. It will provide daily statistics of number of visitors, traffic sources and website content. It is free of cost, but small payment of $1.36 will provide you with an Ads free pro version.


This is also a great app to know about your website ranking in SERP (Search Engine Result Page). It can track multiple websites and keywords. The Pro Version will provide separate widget for each keyword and soon will allow cloud backup.


This is app for SEO experts, which allows highlighting links and CSS removal. There are various free analysis tools available to generate reports and help you in analysis. It allows Micro-data Analysis, SERP Preview, text Analysis and response and redirection analysis.


There are two versions for this, Lite which is free and Pro which is priced at around $8. This is a very useful app which is easy to use and understand. It will provide you with ranking of your page on Google as well as Alexa. It also saves historical view of all your searches, making it easy for analysis. The Pro version allows internal and external links of the website. Though it is not affiliated by Google but it is worth the use.

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