Top 10 Facebook Games of 2013

Now-a-days, social networking is gaining momentum in every domain be it connectivity with friends globally or mode of entertainment. Facebook, a widely used networking site, offers many mediums to its users to enjoy the online world completely. The users can now easily enjoy the gaming world offered to them by Facebook. These games are not only amusing but can be played free of cost as well. Make no mistake, playing FIFA 2013 on Playstation, Mario Kart on Nintendo Wii and Black ops 2 games from Tesco on Xbox definitely have their own places and provide a far richer gaming experience but Facebook games allow you to play from your smartphones even when you are on the move. There is plethora of Facebook games that you can choose from such as Farmville, Cityville, SongPop, Word Challenge, Mafia Wars and much more. Here are some topmost 10 Facebook games of 2013:

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1. CityVille: Launched by Zynga, CityVille has enticed a large audience. The game not only offers a frolic world but also allows the players to carry out certain tasks side-by-side such as construction, farming, collection of tax and buying or selling of goods. .

2. Mafia Wars: This game is mostly preferred by travel enthusiasts as it allows the players to travel various countries such as New York, Cuba, Moscow, Bangkok, Las Vegas, Italy, and Paris and so on.  There is a complete marketplace offered to the players to trade for what they desire.

3. FarmVille 2: FarmVille is among the most-played Facebook games. The players need to manage a simulated farm through plantation of crops and harvesting trees.  Be it an adult or a child, they prefer this gameplay to the utmost.

4. FishVille: Similar to that of FarmVille, this game offers a computer-generated aquarium to the players. The players need to cope up with the virtual gaming world to manage the aquariums properly.

5. Buddypoke: The real world offered by this game allows the players to select their own Buddypoke characters. The players can discover this pleasurable world with their friends as well. One can even chat and play within the game.

6. Castleville: In this game, the player can own his own castle. One can construct and enrich the castle to make it worth living for everyone. Once you make some money in the game, you can open various outlets within your castle such as library, ice cream store and cake shop.

7. Restaurant City: This game allows you to be the owner of a restaurant. You can lend an invitation to the friends as well.

8. Bubble Speed: In the game, you can enjoy the fun world with your speed. It is an extremely amusing game for all those who want to experience thrill.

9. Pet Society: The virtual pet world offered by the game permits you to build up your own house.

10. Monster World: In this game world, one not only enjoys with the monsters but can also manage a grass land of his own.

These games are among the top Facebook Games of 2013 being opted by most of the players. Despite of all these games, there are many more as well such as Dragon City, clash of clans, Hay Day, Bike Race and the like. So, enjoy the online gaming world with your friends and make social networking a more fun.

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