The Top 5 Apps for Mobile Video Calling

Mobile video calling makes it possible to take part in real-time video conversations using your smart phone or tablet. Whether you are staying in touch with family and friends or conducting business with partners around the world, mobile video calling offers improved interaction and communication when compared to voice calls. Best of all, when used with an available Wi-Fi connection, most video calls are not included in typical mobile-metered service. These five apps are the best mobile video calling apps currently available.

1. Skype

skype - mobile video calling

As one of the most well known providers of video calling service, Skype makes it possible for users of most mobile devices to play video calls to other mobile devices and PCs with a few taps of the screen. Within seconds, the call connects and you are on your way. Automatic quality controls allow Skype to perform well on a variety of devices and with a wide range of Internet connections. In most cases, high-speed Internet or 3G access is required for optimal use. For devices with multiple cameras, Skype allows the user to choose the camera to stream for improved functionality as well. Skype also supports instant messaging and VoIP calling to other phone numbers.

2. Facetime

facetime video calling

Exclusive to iOS devices, the Facetime app offers high quality video calling services for supported Apple devices. The app supports multiple callers simultaneously and works best over Wi-Fi. Though the app is popular, it does have one major disadvantage. Facetime is currently only compatible with various Apple devices, including many Mac computers as well as iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch models with camera support. However, for those with supported devices, the video and audio quality is hard to match.

3. Tango Text, Voice and Video

tango text voice video calling

This app supports both Android and iOS. After installation, the app will automatically integrate with your existing address book to show users available for video calls. Support for video calls over 3G, 4G and Wi-Fi connections make the program slightly more flexible than other offerings. Included additional features include sending audio messages, text messages, Facebook updates and more. Though users must sign up for Tango to place and receive calls, the sign up process is simple and takes just a few seconds in most cases.

4. ooVoo Video Chat

oovoo video chat

With support for up to twelve simultaneous callers depending on your device and Internet connection, ooVoo offers one of the more scalable video calling solutions. However, depending on the size of your phone’s display, ooVoo might be better suited for use with a tablet. The ability to prioritize and resize the video panels for each caller can help to alleviate these issues. The app is free and available for both iOS and Android mobile platforms. Calls can only be placed between ooVoo users. However, signing up for an account is free and quick.

5. Fring


Fring allows users of the app to connect with text, video and voice chat. Support for up to four simultaneous callers provides plenty of ways to communicate. Unlike other apps, Fring integrates with your phone using your phone number to avoid the hassle of setting up an additional account. This also provides a level of integration with phone functions that other apps do not offer. The fringOut features also allow VoIP calling to other phone numbers for an additional fee.

Mobile video calling is changing the way that people communicate. These five free mobile video calling apps offer plenty of options for users of most common mobile devices. Experiencing the benefits of mobile video calling is as simple as downloading the app of your choice and tapping a user on your display.

About the author: Steven Chalmers is a well-respected figure in the technology field. When he’s not writing articles, you can find him working with online and web conferencing from Intercall as well as other video conferencing services.


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