The Story of My Buying in the Background of Serene Mountain Ranges

One can hardly guess what is waiting for him in which turning of his life? But when some such eventful things do happen in your life only then do you realize the real meaning of the saying “truth is stranger than the fiction”. Such a lifetime experience occurred to me last summer when I happened to visit the hilly ranges of the Himalayas. I have a passion to visit small hilly towns where the mass do not find enough reasons to travel to. I like to study the meaning of the great silence exhibited by the massive mountains creating the ambience of biting cold. The beautiful poems of the great Indian poet Tagore influenced me a lot bringing me constantly closer to the nature.

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I was in the lap of one such solitary hilly town traversing the ups and downs in slow pace in one philosophical evening when one sweet female voice called me by my name from a distance up the hill. I refused to be distracted from my deep integration with the nature, but the sweet female voice aroused within me some distant memory that I could no longer avoid. Looking up I found that smiling familiar face that I lost decades ago leaving a deep injury to my soul.

Prina was very much there waving me and calling me up to her home. It followed with our intimate discussions about the travelling of our lives in different paths similar to the hilly rivers since we got separated. But that is not the topic of the present article. This story is about the web site couponmachine that solved my issue by helping me sort out the gift that I wanted to give to my lost friend. I had an intense feeling to gift her one tab which would be helpful to her and connect her to the outer world. But in that remote world it was impossible to get one such tab.


This web site provided me with the information regarding the ways to get the item even at the remotest place. But the time required for the transportation had to be more in view of the remoteness of the place. I decided to stay there till the item is delivered and pass the beautiful moments of the life in association with my friend with whom probably I had some feeling akin to love. The ecstatic moments that we were experiencing in this serene background seemed to us much more fulfilling than our probable togetherness for the life.

The web site gave information about Flipkart coupons and Snapdeal coupons that dealt with Sony Tabs with attractive discounted coupon codes. I had been informed that the tab would be possible to be delivered within a week. I booked one with Snapdeal and made the payment waiting anxiously for the date of delivery. I still recollect my exquisite feelings of pleasure waiting to see the expressions of her face on opening the package.

I had to wait for eight long days when over our morning teas the courier knocked with the package in hand. The happiness radiated from her face got imprinted in my memory forever.

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