Technological Advancement In Movies

Throughout the previous centuries, movies are providing us with a source of fun and entertainment. A number of people may have come and go but the industry has survived till date to entertain all the movie-lovers till date. However, one of the biggest reasons for the survival of the industry is their willingness to adapt and change according to changing times. From black and white films to making colored, animated films, from using film reels to going to digital camera, a number of technological advancements have shaped the movie industry we look at today. Here are the best of them:


This technology was developed specifically for the most recent installment in the Star Trek franchise, ‘The Final Frontier’. VFX artists Brad Degraff and Michael Whorman came up with the idea of using the concept of Previsualization of specific scenes in the movie before actually shooting them. This helps a lot in to visualize complex scenes and effects beforehand so as to make nothing goes wrong while shooting these scenes in reality.


Rigs for Zero Gravity

Producers and Directors who had to work on films that contained scenes shot in zero gravity often complained about their lack of control over the environment which led to a long time to shoot those portions. However, one such film crew on the set of the ‘Ender’s Game’ movie actually went about to do something about it which led to the development of the zero gravity rigs. Created by stunt coordination Garett Warren, this rig placed the lead actor inside a ring hung onto a lollipop arm suspension system which helped them to have a range of motions for shooting scenes.

Fusion Camera

James Cameron widely acknowledge the fact that it took him over 2 decades to shoot Avatar after coming up with its script back in 1994 due to the technology required not being developed yet. He, along with his crew, went onto create a 3D High Definition camera system by fusing two brand-new Sony HDC-F950 cameras together at a distance of 2.5 inches. It was done so as to mimic the human eye imitations and has been successfully used since then in a number of movies such as ‘Life of Pi’ and ‘Hugo’.

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VistaGlide Motion-Control Camera

The crew for the movie ‘Back to the Future’ faced the problem of showing same actor acting in multiple roles at the same time. Although, actors also used to play double roles on the screen at similar instants, these people went forward to create a VistaGlide motion-control camera. Thisrobotic, motion controlledcamera allowed the Director to take shots of scenes involving actors playing 2-3 different characters at the same time by easily controlling their movement and actions in a single take.

The Last Words

Technology has been used by filmmakers from a long time to improve the quality of their films with the gadgets evolving every day to meet the production demands.  Technological advancements have helped to raise the standard of the movies and with more advancements coming every year, the future for the Film industry looks very bright.

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