The Tech That Makes a Real Geek

Let us face it, technology is at the heart of what being a geek is all about. If you are not pushing buttons and tapping a screen, life just does not feel normal. In fact, you are often so distracted by tech when you drive that others on the road fear that they might need a personal injury attorney when you get behind the wheel.

Now that being geek is all the rage, you are finding that it is much more difficult to maintain your reputation. Everything seemed so much easier back when being geek was not so cool. But now days, when you attend the latest geeky social event, you notice that others are showing you up with their own brand of high tech geekiness, stealing your thunder in ways you never thought possible before. If you want to regain your title as the king or queen of geeks, you may have to step up your game a bit and purchase the right kind of tech for the job. But what could that possibly be?

Tech That Matters

With all the exciting tech gadgets coming out these days, it is hard to tell which devices will really make the best impression on your friends and coleagues. Before everyone was into tech, you were sort of the go to guy everyone approached to learn about the latest tech gadgets. With your status as top geek in jeopardy, you really have to start thinking big. Sure, you can not wait to get your hands on the Oculus Rift, only the hottest virtual gaming headset, which provides the user with different ways of viewing objects and even the ability to see around walls, poised to hit the market in the hopefully not so distant future, but until then you really need to find the right piece of tech to dazzle everyone you come in contact with. Of course, what would really be fashionable for geek society is the new Apple watch, but that is not intended to be released until early 2015. However, The Moto 360 may be just the ticket for now, being a competitive smart watch in its own right that is a hot little item currently. In addition, picking up one of those USB coolers for your workstation at the office might be a classy way to let others around the office know you are putting the geek back in your professional image.


The Tech Toy Everyone Will Be Talking About

You can’t complete the whole geek image with just fancy every day tech devices alone. That old cheap sonic screwdriver replica that you carried around for a while was geek, but maybe a little too cheesy even for you. With the excitement building around the Star Trek franchise again over the 2016 movie and the potential release of the Captain Worf series, the cool tech toy to be pulling out at the next IT office party would have to be none other than the OnBeep’s Onyx Star Trek Communicator. With the push of a single button, you can invade the nearest WiFi system and speak to an entire team of people at once. While everyone else is busy texting, you will be the only one ready to jump into action. It’s classic geek all the way, bringing a little taste of old school Trekky style into the modern geek age.

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