A Short Guide to Playing GTA San Andreas

GTA San Andreas

Grand theft auto San Andreas is the game that follows GTA Vice City, one of the most famous games ever. It is one hell of a game and has a lot in it that the players can do. It is an open environment game and allows the players to roam freely, or carry on with the game’s story. There are a lot of things that you can be a part of, in GTA San Andreas.T he  plot of GTA San Adnreas  has many interesting moments.Here’s some of the cool stuff that you should know:


Money is the most important thing in the whole game right next to the health of your character. You can do a lot with money. You can spend the money that you get on buying new clothes, gambling, tattoos, food, etc. But gambling can result in debts, which can cause trouble.


Gang Wars

As a gangster, you are going to have a lot of battles with the enemy gang members. The battles can be triggered when your player kills at least three members of a gang. You can engage in battle with these gangs and win the battles to claim their area. Once they are yours, they won’t be attacked. Check out the Gta Cheats And Tips to play the game easier.


As Ci, you can take a burglary van, break into a house at night and steal all the valuables to increase your wealth.


You can also complete mini challenges. These challenges include, basketball, gambling, pool, dancing your lowrider and much more.


The rampages have been made even better. You can now add a friend and have two players to complete the rampage. You can see both of the players on the screen at the same time. The players should always stay really close to each other, that way they can make the rampage much more affective.

Car Mods

You can upgrade and modify your vehicles from different garages in the game. You can add in hydraulics, get paint jobs, body kits, bumpers and many other car parts. The article was prepared using popgi.

As long as you have a good amount of money and are not being chased by cops throughout the game, you’re doing fine.

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