Samsung’s recent embarrassing attempt to prove that Galaxy S III is better than The iPhone 5

We all know that Apple’s iPhones are the best smartphones in the world. However Samsung still feels that their Samsung Galaxy S III is better than the recently launched iPhone 5. The Galaxy S III is not a bad phone as far as the hardware and software goes but there are some points which makes me feel that the phone is a bit bulky because of its stretched 4 inch display, which really is uncomfortable in hands. News of Samsung’s new embarrassing Ad went viral this morning.

Samsung decided to list every single feature of the galaxy S3 and pair it up against a minuscule amount of the iPhone 5 features and specs in a pathetic manner. Indirectly Samsung wants people to know that because of the Galaxy S3’s features list is long it’s a better phone.

According to CNET, ‘what Samsung doesn’t realize is that people don’t buy an iPhone to necessarily have every feature known to man, but rather because of the brand and the fact that Apple products just work without hiccups’ The ad will be coming out tomorrow in certain national and local newspapers.

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