Safe & Sound Cases For iPads

We’ve something new this time. I’m sure all you guys love hearing some music on your iPad’s. There’s a brand new product for your device. The Safe & Sound. Basically its a iPad case which lets u increase the volume of the iPad’s speaker. Yes you heard it right. You can listen to music, play videos, make FaceTime calls and anything else for which you would require an external speaker for a louder volume.

The Safe & Sound Today appeared on Kickstarter’s website and is looking for funding to make the case a reality.

The design currently has over $1.2k pledges but needs to go up to $12.25k to reach the funding target in the next 30 days. Kickstarter projects have always been cool and futuristic. However if the number reaches the funding total it doesn’t guarantee that it will be produced, So all what we can do is keep our fingers crossed.

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