Room – Fact Or Fiction

Earlier this year, during the 88th Annual Academy Awards held at the Dolby Theatre in Los Angeles, the USA on the 28th of February 2016, Brie Larson won the Academy award for “Best Actress” for her portrayal of “Joy Newcome” in the movie titled Room.

Fact or Fiction

The movie showed a woman, presumably in her early twenties locked inside a room with a five-year-old boy by her side that wakes her up for his 5th birthday. Later we learn through the boy’s narration, who is called Jack, how he believes that the room is his entire world and how he believes that everything he sees inside the room is “real”, while everything outside their 11’ by 11’ room that contains a bed, a wardrobe, a basic kitchen, a television, a bathtub and the toilet along with the skylight that is the only window in the room, do not exist in reality. He also tells us about “Old Nick” that visits them at night and brings them supplies like food and medicine as Jack hides in the wardrobe and that he does not like Old Nick at all.

As we progress into the story, it is revealed that Old Nick had kidnapped Jack’s “Ma” and has imprisoned her in this room i.e. an outbuilding on his property. This is where she has been imprisoned for the last seven years and where Jack was born. So far, she had never tried to escape the room as years of depression and the constant struggle to stay optimist for Jack’s well-being has made such a thought impossible. But, when she learns that Old Nick has been laid off of work for the past 6 months and the house may be put up for foreclosure, she fears for her life and the life of her child. This is when she tells Jack about the truth of their situation and has him play sick and eventually dead so Old Nick would take the little boy out of the cabin. Once out, Joy instructs Jack to roll out of the carpet he has been rolled up in by Ma and to run as fast as he can and give the note that she has given him to the first person he sees.


With a little hassle, the boy is able to do as instructed and can get in touch with a man, but before he could pass him the note, it is snatched away from him by Old Nick who abandons him and runs away. The man, whom Jack was trying to give the note, alerts the authorities who somehow are able to get to the shed where Joy has been imprisoned for the past 6 years and rescue her. Later, it is shown that Joy and Jack go through their own sets of ups and downs but are able to live a relatively normal life eventually.

Fact or Fiction?

While the account in the story are entirely fictitious in nature and are based on a book of the same name by “Emma Donoghue”, yet the events of the story quite similar to the 2008 Fritzl case where a father imprisoned his own daughter, then 18 year old, in the basement of his house for 24 years and committed such vile and atrocious acts that resulted in the birth of 8 children, two of which passed away. While three children lived with their mother, Elisabeth, three were taken up by the girl’s father Josef Fritzl to live with him and his wife. It wasn’t until the oldest of the children, who was 19 at the time to be taken to the hospital due to a grave sickness that threatened her life that the family was finally released from their confines where the mother was able to see sunlight and breathe fresh air for the first time in 24 years while the children, boys aged 18 and 5, learned what open air and the sun was for the first time.

Fact or Fiction 1

The Bottom Line

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