Publishing Policy & Terms

We would like to draw your attention to something that is probably obvious to most and that has to be the foundation of iLifeGeeks

We do not publish articles arbitrarily. We follow a strict set of rules and guidelines. Every article published on this website fulfils certain criteria: quality of content is important to us, and our job is to advocate for and protect the interests of our readers.

To Follow The rules are crucial for all articles published here on GadgetBooth. We at GadgetBooth work very hard to follow all of the rules as best we can, they explicitly guide our editing, writing and communication. To be clear, iLifeGeeks aims to be a professional and independent online publication that is neither controlled nor influenced by third parties; neither our advertisers nor our partners have any influence on our content or editing process.

We will continuously revise and update these Publishing policies to make sure that the quality of our content is never compromised. if your would like to publish our content on your website mail us at for any clearance.