Build A Perfect Portable Powerful Mac

It would indeed be amazing if we could be able to carry a compact, portable Mac and enjoy all its powerful user-friendly features. The Apple franchise is yet to build a Macbook Mini which would fulfill this purpose, but till then we can build a small, easy-to-carry Mac all by ourselves. With the tiny piece of Mac in your pocket or bag, you can boot up any other Mac devices, clone another one if the main one crashes and maintain a backup of your personal Mac when you are on the go!

A portable Mac can render you the master of troubleshooting. If you carry your Mac on a drive and can boot it, you can easily use it troubleshoot system issues whenever and wherever it is required. You can add tools for testing and repairing and you can magically fix any troubling Mac machine! The hard drive on which you have loaded the Mac can become extremely generative as it provides you with all the necessary features. Moreover if your primary system is undergoing repair works, you can effectively set up a loaner system by putting the portable drive to use.

Tools needed for this set up: 

A Mac with an OSX version (10.4 or more)

An external hard disk that is preferably larger than your Mac’s boot drive.

A disk cloning tool (Disk Utility or Carbon Copy Cloner) 

Step One – You have to make a clone of your current Mac:

You are required to conduct a formatting session of your external hard drive to remove the previous loaded data from it. Then you have to develop it as a clone of your Mac. For this, it is proper to use the Disk Utility software that would safely format the drive. For the cloning bit, you need Carbon Copy Cloner. It is up to you to choose what goes into your external hard drive and deselect the redundant files. But it is wiser to copy and paste everything as then the hard drive can be regarded as a perfect clone of your Mac system! Then you simply click on the “Clone” button to kickstart the long process (depending on the size of the cloning), which can eat up the entire day or night.

Step Two – Boot up the compact Mac:

One the Carbon Copy Cloner has finished its operation, it will notify you and then you can test and see if the drive is functioning exactly like your Mac. Now you are armed with a powerpacked device and if you wish to boot any Mac you come across, you just need to connect the OS X boot drive with it. After that, you need to select System Preferences and “Startup Disk” and choose the cloned drive from the given list and click on “Restart”.

Step Three – Customize your portable Mac:

You must build up a strong system on your drive, by installing Ice Clean (for system maintenance), Onyx (system tweaker), Cocktail (for system maintenance/ optimization tool), Diskwarrior (for repairs) and Tech Tool Pro.

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