New Pet Technology Uses GPS and Facial Recognition

New technology for pet lovers will keep your beloved animals safe using GPS tracking technology and facial recognition software. You can download these state-of-the-art tools run on your mobile device in case your pet ever gets lost.

For critters who need to lose a few pounds, fitness-tracking software can help you keep a record of your pet’s activity. Other mobile-based animal-supporting software includes apps for cat and dog entertainment, animal translation software, and online pet-sitting service locators.

new pet tech

GPS pet tracker helps find lost animals anywhere in the world

If you subscribe to a GPS pet-tracking service, you can scan your pet’s collar into a database before you leave Fluffy or Sam with a caretaker. The Internet-based technology keeps pet owners in touch with their animals through a mobile app installed on a smartphone or tablet.

This software has been around since 2011. It was created by professional dog walkers to keep track of a large number of pets at the same time.

To use the software, pet owners scan a QR code attached to their pet’s collar by using the camera on a mobile device. The code is uploaded to a GPS database and can be tracked on a virtual map.

So far, 1.4 million pets have been fitted with these tracking devices. Anyone can view the real-time location of an animal via its QR code.

The technology relieves pet owners of the hassle of paperwork when they drop off a beloved companion with caretakers. Most people can learn how to use the software without extensive training.

Facial-recognition software helps to identify lost animals

In the past, when a pet was lost, owners often resorted to printed signs that included a photo of the missing creature. Facial-recognition software can eliminate the waste of paper and legwork necessary to staple or plaster “Lost Cat” signs all over the neighborhood.

To use one of these mobile-based apps, you take a photograph of your pet and process it through facial-recognition technology. The software measures unique facial features, such as the width of the eyes, nose, and mouth, to identify a lost pet accurately.

In addition to storing a reference photo of your pet, the software automatically creates an alert to find your pet when it goes missing. When a missing animal turns up, the person who found it can prove it’s really yours by sending you a photo of the pet.

All you have to do is upload the newly shot and sent photo to your mobile app and run it through the facial-recognition technology. A positive result confirms that your animal has been found.

Technological entertainment for today’s pets

Not only do pets need to eat, sleep, and go for walks, they may need to be entertained. Apps available for Android, iOS, and Windows Phone claim to provide pets with recreational stimulation when your companion needs it most.

These apps use your device’s camera and microphone to simulate the quick movements of little creatures, such as mice and gerbils. Dogs and cats spend hours chasing the fast-moving lights and sounds, which prepares them to rest fully when bedtime comes.

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