Apple Officially Unveils Revolutionary New iMacs 2012 Which are only 5mm thin

The new imac 2012 are finally unpacked. Today Apple unveiled the long awaited new imacs 2012 at an event held in the united states. The new iMacs 2012 were widely expected at the iPad mini event. This is an significant update in the history of the iMacs.

Apple has boosted the specs list of the new iMacs 2012, Most of us were expecting a serious design update and looks like this is exactly what the fruit company did. Apple took what some people considered to be the flagship Mac product, and made it even more powerful and extraordinary.

Apple Officially Announces Apple iMac 2012

Apple iMac 2012

The new iMac 2012 lineup will be rolled out at a retail price of $1,299 for the base version that is the 21.5-inch version with an i5 processor, 8 giga bytes of RAM and a 1 tera byte hard drive where as the base model of the 27-inch version it will be rolled out at $1,799. We will be updating about the full details and specs soon.

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