Apple Buys Property For New Campus In Austin Texas

Apple’s new ring shaped building called Campus 2 in Cupertino is already under construction. Its been confirmed that apple has also plans to set up another base, Apple has bought land to build a new campus at Austin in Texas. The Austin Business Journal has reported that the tech giant has completed all legal formalities and purchased three tracts of plots in the Mildwood section 20 subdivision near Delcour Drive and Parmer lane.




The Land was bought from McShane Development Co. LLC, by its Riata Vista LP entity. The CEO James McShane issued a press note which made it quite clear that the company dealt with Apple.

This campus is expected to double Apple’s work force, employing over 3,600 people with an Office space of 200,000 square foot, built on 38 acres of land at Delcour Drive and West Parmer Lane, Estimated close to $300 million dollars.











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