A Look at America’s Geekiest Cities

You hear a lot about the warm, beautiful cities in America, but rarely do you hear people discuss the nerdy, most tech-savvy places in the country. It’s actually an interesting topic and can point you in the right direction if you’re interested in finding a ‘geekier’ place to call home.

Understanding Geeky

Before labeling any cities, it’s important to understand what geeky entails. In the past, the term was reserved for socially inept individuals and awkward people. Over time, though, the label has transformed into something much more positive. Today, geeky refers to a tech-savvy, smart, somewhat quirky individual. Think of it as a cross between a Silicon Valley nerd and a hipster. Furthermore, many people are self-proclaimed geeks and take pride in the title.

Regardless of where the title comes from, certain cities are more tech-savvy and geeky than others. Let’s take a look at some of the top locations and why they make the list.

  • Silicon Valley, California. Since it’s already been mentioned, the list might as well start with Silicon Valley. Not only is it home to hundreds of successful startups and thousands of young entrepreneurs, but it’s also part of the largest hipster scene in the country.


  • Seattle, Washington. Take a drive along the northern coastline and you’ll find yourself in Seattle. Home to annual attractions like ComiCon and GeekGirlCon, Seattle had to make this list. Not to mention, the city is filled with successful businesses and smart entrepreneurs. Impressively, Forbes.com also calls Seattle the most wired city in the country.
  • Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Philadelphia has long been considered a historical city, rather than a progressive city. However, that perception is changing as a hip arts scene is attracting young entrepreneurs and new businesses. The Northern Liberties district in particular is filled with designers and artists. It’s essentially a historic city with a geeky flare.
  • Boulder, Colorado. Another surprisingly geeky city is Boulder, a community that seems – at first glance – to be home to outdoor lovers and hippies. However, somewhere around 17.4 percent of the city’s workforce is employed in a tech or science position.
  • Huntsville, Alabama. Coming in below Boulder on the list is Huntsville, Alabama. Home to NASA’s Marshall Space Flight Center and dozens of engineering firms, it’s a hub for nerds and technology geeks. In fact, the same Forbes article reports that 16.2 percent of the Huntsville workforce is employed in math and science jobs.
  • Atlanta, Georgia. If you’re looking for the nerdiest city, you may be surprised that hip-hop capital, Atlanta, has been considered number one by some sources. Randy Nelson of Motovo, a real estate content website says, “It’s pretty clear that when nerds eventually take over the world, their new capital will be Atlanta.” He bases that opinion on the proportion of comic book, video game, anime, and sci-fi related stores, conventions, and fairs in the area.

While it’s not exact science, popular opinion and research converge to claim these six places as some of the geekiest, nerdiest, most tech-savvy cities in the country.

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