Leaked photos of New iPad mini battery surface

The reported date for the iPad mini is coming closer and all Apple fans are quite excited about it. When products are big there are always leaks and it seems like the long rumoured Apple iPad Mini is not left behind. Well sourced reports are claiming that Apple Inc has plans to unveil the fresh new device at an event which will hosted by Apple on Oct 23rd.

The two images were reported by MacRumors, they believe that the battery in the photos belongs to Apple’s unannounced tablet. And according to its labeling, it’s of the 4490 mAh variety.

“MacRumors has received a pair of photos showing what is claimed to be the battery from Apple’s forthcoming “iPad mini”. The photos show a battery carrying a model number of A1445 and an Apple part number of 616-0641. The battery runs at 3.72 volts, offering 16.7 Whr of energy on 4490 mAh of charge.”

we’ve got a couple of photos of a purported iPad mini battery surface check them out below.

Nobody knows about the rumoured iPad Mini other than the fact that it’s said to have a 7.85″ display, a slim form factor, and possibly the same aluminium back pannel as the iPhone 5.

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