Kepard: Our Best VPN Security Application! Reliable for Transferring Gazillion MB of Data!

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We have a flourishing web development and online marketing business model. This means we interact with thousands of people every day and send and receive highly confidential and valuable data, most of which involves legal rights at different levels. So security at all levels is crucial to the efficient and safe operation of our business. And we rely on Kepard, which is the best VPN for our business.

There are so many reasons why we use Kepar and why we will recommend it to everyone who needs secure connectivity.

Reliable Encryption

Kepard supports all the leading encryption and security protocols that exist today.


The most important ones include L2TP and IPsec. While explaining these security protocols is something that is best left to our IT department, they mean a lot to us in encrypting all our data sent to our clients, vendors and offsite workers and freelancers. We are an in-house team of a hundred, supported by double that number across various geographical locations.

You can imagine the volume of data transfer, communication and traffic movement taking over our network. And VPN is a crucial part in our shield against all types of intrusions. Most importantly, it helps us in preventing hackers from snooping in and getting access to all our client and product data. Our employees are always uploading data across various channels including FTP. The last thing we would want is to allow anyone to get access to our hard work. Not to mention the losses we will have to face if the proprietary and confidential data is lost.

Hassle Free Web Surfing & Internet Privacy

Our employees visit thousands of websites every day. That gives you pretty good idea of how much internet traffic is accessed on our networks.

Secure Connectivity – Kepard VPN enables creation so secure connectivity for our network when any of our employee surfs the web. This is crucial for preventing any kind of hacking into our network. One way is also to secure all the necessary protocols in your computer. This shall help you know if one or more network protocols are missing on this computer.   

Connecting to VPN

We are always browsing sites of all types. We already have powerful security software programs in place, but Kepard gives us that extra protection against all types of attacks for which the latest malware definitions may not be ready.

Access to All Websites – Have you ever visited a site and been unable to open it because it is banned by your government or employer or ISP? Thanks to Kepard, our designers and developers are able to access all websites without concern what kind of restrictions are imposed within our jurisdiction. This helps us ensure that our business doesn’t get affected just because of some biased limitations. Our clients hail from all across the world, so these limits are nothing less than impediments in our projects. This VPN however helps us go beyond them.

Online Privacy – Another important reason why Kepard is such a big help is because it provides online privacy to all our employees when they surf online.

Proxy IP Addresses

It helps us hide our IP addresses and maintain our anonymity at all times.

Advantages of Using the Kepard Application

These are more than enough reasons why Kepard is the best VPN for our website designing and development business. But the application itself offers many other advantages:

  • The application allows single-click connection/disconnection.

Server Locations

  • The protocols and server locations can be changed instantly.
  • Any disconnection in the VPN is automatically detected and the application instantly asks for reconnection.
  • Whenever new servers are added, it updates us instantly.
  • Customer support is available 24x7x365 (There are no Christmas holidays).
  • It allows us to connect from multiple locations simultaneously.
  • Kepard offers a powerful NAT firewall (We cover many of our mobile and other systems through Wi-Fi in our offices).
  • Our data is protected with 256-bit encryption.

It is also worth highlighting that Kepard VPN supports unlimited traffic. This is so important for us thinking that a gazillion MB of data is accessed everyday on our networks.

Bottom-line – Kepard is the premium VPN of choice for anyone who needs reliable and effective protection. Business size and type does not matter. As we have realized, it is for everyone without concern the volume of traffic and data transfer involved.

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