Is It Necessary to Test Software?

There are so many points of discussion concerning software testing: what methods and approaches are the most effective, how much time is enough for proper check, who has to perform it etc. Still, all opinions jump together in one point: testing is an inherent part of software development. Where does this consensus come from?

Top reasons to test the software

1. Such check is the best way to prove that the developed products hit the spot of your needs and does exactly the thing it is expected to do. There is always a possibility that a new feature can somehow influence and hold up the existing system and timely revision will catch that bug


2. Appropriate testing figures out the efficiency of the soft and checks the performance of the product under pressure of heavy traffic. No one will duly appreciate the website that crushes every time when too many people visit it, no matter how creative and informative it is. That is one of the things that professionals from do. The team of experienced and highly qualified experts put to the test all possible features and functions of the product as well as evaluate the productivity, correct all mistakes and make sure that the chosen method of development is the most appropriate for the solving of the program issues.

3. You have no idea what can user do with your app. Even if you think that there is no way the user can do it, believe it or not, sooner or later that will happen.

4. The users can get access to the app or program via different browsers, devices and OS. So there is a problem of compatibility that also has to be checked. There are so many different combinations and all of them require testing, so no wonder that developers often entrust this task to professional testers as they focus on reviewing and correction.

5. No one wants users to find out bugs in the software. These errors prolong operational and loading time, complicate the software behavior and in some cases may even violate users’ privacy.


What is the best time for testing?

It is essential to involve testers on the very beginning of the development process. In the real world, planning, analysis and code building take more time than you plan, leaving no time for testing and, as a result, there is a pretty good chance that some bugs and shortcomings of the system will be missed.

Testing has to be an integral part of every development stage: thus you will be able to save a hatful of money and time. Otherwise, finding of the error on the final stage of development will waste tons of code, time and efforts.

Carefully select the testers’ team that will help you to improve the quality of your product. Adequate choice is the half of the success!

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