5th-Generation iPod Touch Unveiled

As expected Apple launches the 5th Generation iPod Touch at the iPhone 5 Event in San Francisco today. Each and every rumor has turned out true today. Whether it may be the iPod, the iPhone or the iOS, Apple has spilled all out.

The iPod Touch got even better after Apple made it even slimmer and lighter. This new iPod Touch is just 6.1mm being the thinnest iPod ever. Apple has ported a 4 inch retina display to the new iPod Touch same one as the iPhone 5 display.

Today we also told you about the Lightning port and the earpod, that too has turned to be reality. The new iPod Touch comes with both, The Lightning Port and the new Earpod. The iPod is powered by Apple’s A5 chip.

The Graphics are up to 7 times faster than previous iPod touch. its camera has a 5MP sensor, backside illumination, f/2.5 apeture and all kinds of other goodies. We will be bringing your more on the 5th Generation iPod Touch soon keep visiting back!

Remember we told you about the loop this morning? Yes thats turned into reality, you can see the pictures below.

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