Apple To Take iPhone 5 pre-orders from Friday, September 14

All tech lovers and bloggers are having their eyes on the clock and waiting for the most awaited Apple event to start. Today is the day! Apple’s iPhone 5 event is tonight and will start exactly at 10:30pm Indian Standard Time and we all can’t wait to see what Apple has got for us.

Earlier some rumors suggested that the next gen iPhone pre-orders would begin on 12th September itself, but were shortly dismissed. Apple is preparing for a massive bookings of Pre-Orders by increasing their Staff and online support.

iPhone 5 pre-orders to begin on Friday, September 14

The iPhone 5 will be Apple’s 6th edition of its flagship smartphone. The phone is expected to have a smaller dock connector and 4G LTE, Its also rumored to have a larger 4 Inch screen and also a powerful Apple A6 quad core processor to run the upcoming version of iOS that is iOS 6.

We can undoubtedly  expect the next gen iPhone and the refreshed iPod line up at todays Apple event. Many of us are also expecting the iPad Mini, which according to rumors can be delayed to shortage of component supply. However, we still cant confirm because Apple is already panning for another event in October. So guy and girls the count down begins!

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