Separate Events To Unveil ‘iPhone 5′ And iPad Mini

Another month and everything is unveil, the iPhone 5 and the iPad Mini, the new iMac’s, the new iPod’s and more. We told you about the September 12th Apple event, where the tech giant will unveil its next gen iPhone. There had been news that Apple is also going to introduce its iPad Mini at the same event.


John Gruver of Daring Fireball a trusted source who has been on a good track record with Apple news and rumors says that Apple might launch both the products at different events. John feels that the next-gen iPhone is the most important product in Apple’s product range and Apple may not want to dilute the buzz around the iPhone 5 launch, by launching the iPad mini. He further adds

There are still rumors leading to another event in november, which is too late. So lets hope apple settles everything in September itself. comments much appreciated

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