A New iPhone 5 Battery Alleged With Good Power And Capacity

Soon we will be going to meet a new revolution in tech phones i.e iphone 5. Today in this technological world we always go for best and new features, here what we are talking about “ iPhone 5 ” soon its going to be launched to the market and the new news for iPhone 5 has revealed that iPhone 5 battery has a bump in capacity as compared with iPhone 4 its more stronger and capacitive than i phone 4, as posted to blog site 9to5mac shows a capacity of 1440 mah(milli-ampere-hours) more than

iPhone 4s 1430 mah(milli-ampere-hours) and iPhone 4 1420 mah(milli-ampere-hours) according to i phone repair shop ifixyouri.i means of , battery voltage has also received a jump from 3.7 to 3.8. Good capacity has led to a boost in watts-per-hour,it was an issue with apple i phones for battry .there were many issues earlier with iphones that they get discharged very soon, so to resolve the fact they improved the battery capacity and it surely give an boost to iphone .or you can say a complete phone. Also providing with 4 inch screen .so we are still waiting for this new iphone5. The new wings to iPhone 5 will also help in powering iPhone 4G lite that will be a part of iPhone 5. The revolution speaks itself whether you talk about the quality or whether you talk about the features, the improving effect will surely effect the market and as well as the phone . New battery may deliver a bit more life, as compared earlier iPhones.

“Our industry checks indicate Apple has made notable progress in improving battery life that has plagued competitors,” the analyst said in March. “This is due to Apple’s ownership of core intellectual property including systems design, semiconductors, battery chemistry, and software.”

Guest Post By Harsh Bhatt

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