iPhone Spy without Jailbreaking Is Fast, Reliable and Doesn’t Require Hefty Installations

There are many parents out there who would want to monitor their kids’ cell phones but due to hefty downloads and installation, they prefer procrastinating their decision. However, leaving kids with internet-ready smartphones and tablets can have dangerous consequences. For instance, internet addiction has turned so severe that there are kids out there confessing that they would die if they won’t have access to their tablet. Others feel incomplete without luring at their mobile screens for hours. Every kid who owns a smartphone, spends around 5 hours of texting, Facebook, WhatsApp and playing online games.

Parents need is an iPhone spy without jailbreaking that’s fast, reliable and doesn’t require any download or installation on the target device. Something like XNSPY is an archetype of quick and effective monitoring, that is ‘more like instant monitoring’. What they need is to buy XNSPY’s subscription from its website and start monitoring immediately. There are yearly, quarterly and monthly packages available, providing even more convenience In terms of affordability.


So once done with subscription, parents only need Apple iCloud credentials of the target iPhone user, which will then be used to add devices on XNSPY’s control panel. There is no limit on the number of devices that can be added. So whether you have two kids or four or even more than that, you can monitor their smartphone from a single account.

XNSPY is a good parental control option for as it provides wide features like Calls, SMS, emails, internet browser history, contacts and even calendar entries monitoring. Parents can also check WhatsApp conversations and shared multimedia.

With smartphone parental controls, parents will be at ease. They can monitor their kids’ cell phone use, check their contacts and friends list, making sure that they are safe from online dangers. However, XNSPY Jailbreak version is also something brilliant to look at, though it requires jailbreak but offers extensive GPS tracking and remote control features. Parents who find jailbreaking affable should resort to the jailbreak version of the app, if they want more features.

The tradeoff is clear: Have convenience of iPhone spy without jailbreaking or extensive features of the Jailbreak version. So before you make your smartphone parenting app purchase decision, do go through the list of features offered by the both variants.

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