iPhone 6 vs iPhone 5s – Which One To Buy?

The Apple iPhone 5s is one of the most popular Smartphone of 2014. And with the current generation Apple iPhone 6, Apple has tried to address and resolve all the issues that many iPhone users had faced with previous Apple iPhone models.

However, if you are thinking “Which iPhone to buy, after I sell iPhone that I own?”, then today we are here with a detailed comparison between the Apple iPhone 5s and Apple iPhone 6, to know which one is a safer bet, and whether the last generation Apple iPhone 5s can give you the same satisfaction as this year’s Apple iPhone 6.

6 vs 5s

Apple iPhone 5s vs Apple iPhone 6

Comparing the Apple iPhone 6 with the Apple iPhone 5s, is like comparing the Apple iPhone 5 with the iPhone 4s.

There are a lot of differences between the Apple iPhone 5s and iPhone 6 in terms of design, performance and user experience. And lets dig deeper into each to understand better.

1. Design:

Both the Apple iPhone 5s and Apple iPhone 6 are made of aluminium, but the iPhone 6 features a larger physical dimension due to its larger 4.7 inch display, and also has a curved design when compared to the smaller and box type design of the Apple iPhone 5s.

And even though both these devices feature top notch built quality, handling the Apple iPhone 6 may be kind of difficult when compared to the Apple iPhone 5s, because it is taller, sleeker and thinner as well. Thus reducing the grip.

2. Performance:

Well, when comparing the Apple iPhone 6 to an one year old Smartphone, the upgraded hardware specifications and snappier performance should not stun you. The performance upgrades of the Apple iPhone 6 from the iPhone 5s is barely minimum in day to day usage, however, the Apple iPhone 6 performs quite better than the last gen model in benchmarks.

Not just in speed, but the Apple iPhone 6 features a better camera as well. Yes, both these Smartphones features the same 8 MP camera sensor. However, the added digital image stabilization and better optics ensure that you can snap pictures much quicker and even get good image results in darker situations with the Apple iPhone 6.

Moreover, you can now record slow motion videos at 240 fps on the iPhone 6 when compared to the 120 fps slow mo video capturing by the Apple iPhone 5s.

3. User Experience:

Bigger display with a better screen resolution, bigger battery, updated software. These factors of the Apple iPhone 6 does result in a better user experience when compared to the satisfaction provided by the Apple iPhone 5s.

Now, video playback, gaming and multi tasking, everything seems much efficient on the Apple iPhone 6. Even After iPhone 6 you have iPhone 6S this year which might comes with Pink color especially for ladies and a force touch as well.

Final Words:

Even though the Apple iPhone 6 advances the Apple iPhone 5s in many ways, if you are satisfied by what the Apple iPhone 5s offers, it still is a great Smartphone to buy in 2015 and can easily compete even with today’s flagship Smartphones.

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