New Video Comparison Of Several iPhone 5 And 4S Parts

Its almost the end of August and 12th of September is not so far. Apple has geared up for its big event in the second week of September, where Apple will unveil its latest edition of the legendary iPhone. The parts supplier for Apple are speeding up their production process, component leaks are becoming more frequent day by day.  Today a new Video shot by SmartPhone Medic went viral which gives us a brief idea about the parts. It compares a couple of parts from Apple’s next smartphone to their older iPhone 4S counterparts.

The video was first featured in MacRumors. The footage does not reveal much new information about the iPhone, but it surely does give us a better look at the next-gen iPhone parts. The relocated FaceTime camera, The 4 inch display and the smaller port all these has been it the news for quite a long time now. However there has been no news about the processor and the amount of ram it will have. do watch the video to know more about the future release.

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