iPad Mini May Have Thickness Similar As The iPod Touch

Yesterday we told you that according to CNET’s Reports Apple has geared up the production of the new iPad Mini. The new upcoming product from Apple’s Factories will have different properties as compared with the standard version and could be slim as the iPod Touch. Yes Right Slim as the iPod Touch The news on this comes from CNET again who has obtained information from Japanese website Macotakara which states that the smaller iPad would be as thin as the 3rd generation Apple iPod touch.

The report states,
“Japanese-language Web site Macotakara claims the iPad Mini — rumored to use a 7.85-inch display — will be almost as thin as the iPod touch (4th generation), citing “reliable Chinese sources.” That would indeed be thin. The iPod touch is a mere 7.2 mm thick — a couple of millimeters thinner than the Retina iPad. The dimensions are similar to Google’s Nexus 7: the height is about the same, while the width is a “little bit” bigger, Macotakara said.”

“Some models may come with 3G, too, though not all carriers may necessarily offer a 3G version, Macotakara said. And the interesting tidbits don’t stop there. Though trial production is being done in China, mass production will take place in Brazil.”

While ago there were reports which indicated that Apple was testing a tablet with a smaller 7 inch display, but hadn’t decided yet whether to proceed with the production. with yesterday’s news about Apple Gearingup and todays reports by Macotakara give us a strong reason to believe that somethings coming this fall, maybe with the iOS 6 or maybe not. Only time will tell so let’s have our fingers crossed.

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