iCloud.com Email Addresses Now Available For its Mail Users

iCloud has been in talks ever since it was launched last year, while apple decided to discontinue Mobile Me they still let their users use @me.com as the email address. recently according to a report by MacRumors apple had plans to launch the iCloud.com mail address for its users, And today Apple has started the transition from old @me.com email addresses hosted at the MobileMe servers over to new iCloud address.

According To Apple






New registrations for Apple ID’s will automatically get an account with @icloud.com email address. Also  those with a me.com email id will get a matching email address by iCloud provided their devices have the iOS 6 Beta 3 installed. which means from now Apple will require iOS6 Beta 3 device for using iCloud Addresses for synchronizing services. however new ID signups will automatically get @icloud.com. Apple has been successful to get a solution to clear this mess and all what it will take is just a little time.  Do you own an iCloud Account yet? If you dont, Go Get it its Free.!

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