How You Can Use Google Analytics to Narrow Your Target Market

Contacting and interacting with your ideal customer is all about knowing how to market to those who will find the most utility from your product or service. And while most businesses can define their target market in a broad sense at the very least, being able to narrow your demographic down will actually be more beneficial for you in the long run.

One of the best ways to find information about your customers and potential customers is to use Google Analytics in conjunction with your website. Google Analytics gives you tons of information about the people who visit your site. Data regarding how a user gets to your site, what pages they view, and how long they stay on your site can all be found by using Google Analytics. But how exactly can this information help you to narrow your target market and make sure you’re catering the right parts of your website to the right people?

Basic Demographic Information

Google Analytics gives you enough basic demographic information regarding your website visitors in order for you to get a good idea as to the most common types of people that are finding their way to your website. This information includes age, gender, interests and more. By finding and understanding this information, you can, according to, build a better relationship with your users by gaining a better breadth of knowledge regarding the human and personal sides of the numbers. Once you know who finds your website intriguing, you can better learn how to give them more of what they, your target market, want.


Social Media Data

A big part of acquiring more visitors to your website is knowing where the people you want to visit your website hang out online. This largely includes social media website and platforms. Luckily for Google Analytics users, you have all this information right in front of you. Google Analytics will tell you from which social media sites your users are coming from. Once you have this information, you can know which platforms to better focus your marketing efforts on in order to get even more visitors. Kristi Hines at Social Media Examiner explains that by creating specific ads for social media sites, you’ll be able to see your conversion rates increase.

Location Data

Especially for brick and mortar businesses, knowing location information is vital for successfully narrowing down your target market and knowing where you should redouble your efforts. This feature can also be helpful if you’re a national brand but you’re getting traffic from beyond your own borders. This can be an indicator that some of your marketing efforts aren’t focused tight enough on your target market, giving you reason to reassess your current marketing practices in order to hone in on your ideal visitor.

If you’re at a loss for how to find your ideal customer or who your marketing efforts are actually reaching, Google Analytics is a great resource to go to for help. The data you can find here will prove invaluable when adjusting your marketing practices to better align with your target demographic.

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