How to Browse Anonymously?

Choosing a VPN can be difficult as these services have multiplied last years. However, this is a decision that should not be taken fast. Conveying web traffic through a server vendor implies a certain degree of confidence. That is why we have selected in this comparison “popular VPNs ” that encrypt your traffic through easy to use applications.

Among the easiest systems to use with optimal performance for all users, there are the most required today. Easy to install, it is compatible with all major browsers and operating systems. It also offers suggestions of pages to visit, among the most requested. Specifically, best vpn service must exist in Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer, Android and iOS.


Are there limitations?

Internet may well be a global network, but it does not mean it is the same for all countries. Limitations and blocks are more than present, either for geographical reasons or limitations from your Internet provider or the government. For all these reasons, it is sometimes necessary to use a little boost to access certain websites.

Among the possible solutions, there is obviously the VPN, which is a kind of filter between your computer and the page to visit. How do they work? In short, instead of establishing a communication between your device and the server that handles the web page, all data goes through the VPN you use. Thus, you can bypass blockages or restrictions against your PC or mobile device.

How easy it is to use VPN nowadays?

Until now setting up a network connection was a complicated exercise. Fortunately, the process is significantly simplified and becomes even faster than ever with ranked services.


In addition to its ease of use, they are compatible with most platforms, and although its operation differs according to the latter, the result is the same: you can access any page without geographical restrictions. But beware, however: vpn service merely provides internet access to those sites. Many services, such as Netflix or Hulu, require a paid subscription to access content and often it is limited service subscriptions by country of origin.

Anonymous browsing has its benefits

The use of VPN services provides the ability to browse anonymously. That is to say, on the web, you are not identifiable by others. Navigating with a classic internet connection is a way to make your IP address easily identifiable by stalkers information. When navigating on a network unencrypted, it leaves behind personal information collected by small software. This personal information includes: shopping preferences, your opinions, your hobbies, information about the individual.

This case can be avoided by the use of VPNs. By working with a VPN, you surf on one of your supplier servers including an anonymous IP address at your disposal which is not traceable. Between the computer and the server is created an encrypted tunnel which is responsible for managing trade flows on the network. Then the information about your web activity will be recorded, more data on the net for the individual will be made on the network. You are totally incognito!

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