Hide Multiple App Icons Without Jailbreaking Your Device

Have you ever wanted to hide apps from your iOS devices? But wait you would require to Jailbreak it right? The wait is over there is a new App thats going viral, The app is capable of hiding newsstand and all the rest of the stock apps available on your iOS device. Again let me tell you that there is no Jailbreak required for this.

Here is a short video by iDownloadBlog which explains how you can install and use the app and Hide Multiple App Icons. In the video they will provide you with a demonstration of Rag3Hack, a new website which is dedicated to hiding stock iOS apps on any device, regardless of whether or not the device is jailbroken.

Dont Forget to read this note before experimenting
 Proceed at your own risk. Although this caused no harm to my device, I had no personal data on the device at the time of me using it. The “hack” does connect to additional server(s), so there is a possibility that this could result in some sort of privacy/security issue. With that in mind, we can’t outright recommend that you use Rag3Hack, but we wanted to make you aware of its existence, and show you it working in action. Check below for more details.

Hide iOS Apps on Your Device Without Jailbreaking

The links on the Rag3Master site


If you navigate to: http://maty1400.ma.funpic.de/beta/Messages.plist, you will find a sparse plist file with a link to a delete.ipa file. It certainly doesn’t seem like the creator of the site, @ragemasta is up to anything malicious, but again, proceed at your own risk.

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