Hacker Cracks Apple’s In-App Purchasing System

So this weekend we have a big news for you guys. According to 9to5Mac a Russian hacker has managed to crack Apple’s in-app purchasing process, this allows the users to download in-app purchases from iOS App for no cost without the need to jailbreak his iOS device.

9to5Mac reportsthe “in-app proxy”method does not require a jailbreak, can be completed by novices in three steps using just an iOS device, and allows users to install in-app content for free. The hack also works on all devices running iOS 3.0 to 6.0 We have confirmed the method works (at least temporarily), and the published instructions are starting to get attention, so we decided to publish this story as a warning to the Apple developer community” The developer explained the three steps of the hack, which include the installation of CA certificate, the installation of in-appstore.com certificate, and the changing DNS record in wi-fi settings. After the quick process, users are presented with the message pictured above when installing in-app purchases, opposed to Apple’s usual purchase confirmation dialog. 

You can watch the video below where the hackers demonstrates the app and tells how it works. however the in-app proxy works with some apps but it doesn’t allow users to install all content from all the apps. this really is a serious issue and i’m sure apple will response with a strict action. the hackers is also requesting for a donation, have a look.

This hack transmits user’s iTunes account information to the hackers server which means apple’s defiantly going to get all the data once the hacker is busted and could even ban your iTunes account. there are also possibilities that the hacker could access your credit card details so its better you avoid using it.

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