Guest Post – Top 4 Cloud Storage Solutions

Cloud storage has been becoming increasingly popular in recent years, and for good reason. Having a good cloud service provider can make your computing much more smooth and easy. So let’s count down the top 4 cloud storage solutions.

best cloud storage

#4 Box

In fourth place we have Box, a cloud storage service meant more for companies than individuals. With 5 GB free storage and 240$ a year for 50 GB Box is by far the most expensive on this list. But with that comes many things companies might want. Box allows you to pay per user business account at $180 for 1 TB of space. It also has many tools for businesses like content management, online work spaces, task management, and an editing system that you can do a lot more. Overall, Box probably won’t be something one person would want, but if you run a business it should be considered.

box cloud storage

#3 Apple iCloud

If you are someone that owns many apple products, Apple iCloud might be the service for you. At 5 GB of free storage and 40$ a year for 20 GB, it’s reasonably priced. Apple iCloud is integrated with many iOS features and functions, so it would be extremely useful for someone with several apple products. There’s also a feature called iTunes match which will let you store non-iTunes music on iCloud for an additional fee. So, if you’re an apple user check out iCloud, if not, this probably isn’t for you.

apple icloud

#2 Dropbox

Coming in at a close second, we have Dropbox, which is probably the most popular cloud storage solution on the web. With 2 GB of free space and 99$ a year for 50 GB it is again, reasonably priced. You can also get up to 16 GB of free storage from referring friends. It is a very simple service, and even someone computer illiterate could be using this in a few minutes. Dropbox is simple, pretty cheap, and overall a good choice.


#1 Google Drive

And the best cloud storage service out there in my opinion, is Google Drive. With 5 GB free storage 30$ a year for 20 GB and only 60$ for 100 GB Google Drive is the cheapest service on this list. It is also integrated with many other Google tools like Gmail, docs, and Google+, so if you use those Google drive will be even more useful. If you purchase more space, you will also get more storage on your Gmail account. If you use Google tools often, then this is definitely the best, and even if you don’t it’s still the cheapest.

Google Drive

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