Guest Post – Has Your Site Outgrown Shared Web Hosting?

Shared web hosting is cheap, convenient, and accessible. However, it is also less powerful and secure compared to VPS and dedicated web hosting. Its combination of advantages and disadvantages ensure that some websites are better suited to it than others.

Here are some tips on determining if your website has outgrown shared web hosting:

Sites that Fit a Shared Web Hosting Model

* Shared web hosting costs less than other options. If your website does not need a great deal of customization and more powerful capabilities, then shared web hosting is both the convenient and cost-efficient option.

* Fewer visitors means that you do not need the more powerful capabilities of other hosting options to handle the incoming requests. Similarly, less content making up each page on your site also means less need for such capabilities on the part of your server.

* If you do not have the time to manage your website, then it is best if you entrust it to shared web hosting because the server is fully managed by the service provider.

shared web hosting

Sites that Have Outgrown Shared Web Hosting

* A slowdown might be a sign that it is time to upgrade, although purchasing more space on a shared server is also a potential solution. As the traffic increases for your website and the content on its pages pile up, its need for additional computing resources to handle incoming requests increase in correlation until the time comes to upgrade.

* The intention to put more content up on your website can be another good indication that it is time to upgrade past shared web hosting. For example, if you are intending to add lots of graphics or even videos to your website, then it might be time to purchase a more powerful hosting option to handle that content. Of course, it is possible that your shared web hosting can handle the additional content, meaning that you are the one who will have to make the call in the end.

* Using your website to handle sensitive information such as the personal details of visitors is a definite sign that it is past time to upgrade. You do not want the information processed through your website to be lost or stolen, meaning that you should pay for the additional protection and security that comes with VPS or dedicated web hosting. Similarly, if you need your website to be as responsive as possible, then an upgrade is once again recommended. As a result, the decision to start an e-commerce operation is a definite call for upgrade.


To sum up the information presented here, shared web hosting is more suitable for websites with little traffic, low content, less need to remain up, and less need to be protected against unauthorized access. Any website that is seeing an increase in traffic, an increase in hosted content, and being used to host commercial operations has outgrown shared web hosting. In most cases, the next step up is VPS, though more extreme cases might warrant an upgrade to dedicated web hosting.


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