GetResponse vs MadMimi – Email Marketing Service Faceoff!

If you aspire to excel in the field of internet marketing, you better start creating a fruitful email list. It is very important to keep in touch with your readers regularly and email is one of the best channel for this purpose. To improve the way you communicate through emails, there are various email marketing services which helps you in this task.

Now there are many email marketing tools and services available and I often find people tangled in thoughts of choosing the right one. This is very common and almost every internet marketer goes through this phase. Having tried most of the email marketing tools, I am today going to share a comparison based on my experience with the two most popular internet marketing services, GetResponse and MadMimi.

List Management Services

Both the tools hold a good hand at providing healthy list management services. Madmimi makes the management of subscribers very easy with features like segmentations. Everything stays on your dashboard so that you can navigate all the features from one page. GetResponse has preference management which implements similar functions. Though GetResponse grabs a brownie point here as it facilitates integration of your list with various CMS platforms like Magento, Salesforce and Zencart which Madmimi doesn’t.


Email Creator

Email creator is the most generic feature which can be offered by an email marketing tool. However, it’s all about some add-ons which enhance the functionalities of an email creator. Both the tools offer HTML equipped email creator and hence give the users power to charm the emails with their creativity. You can create your own custom email design and save it for future use. Therefore in aspect of creating an email, GetResponse and Madmimi score equally.

Madmimi Email Creator


Autoresponder is one of the most interesting utility in GetResponse. You can schedule messages for your readers and on occurrence of a particular event, the tool will automatically trigger the sending of message. You can schedule a whole follow up cycle using autoresponder and sit back to enjoy the show. This way you can build a trust on your readers by quickly responding them. Madmimi however lags behind here and doesn’t include any such feature in it.

AutoResponder Email Creator

A/B Testing

A/B testing helps a lot when you’re experimenting with your campaigns. It tracks the performance of different test campaigns and analyses the results effectively. You can predict the best time or day of the week during which you should contact your readers based on the results of test campaigns. Creating a new A/B testing campaign and following it is very easy in GetResponse. Talking about Madmimi, it doesn’t even has anything like A/B testing. So Madmimi yet again loses some points.

AB Testing

Miscellaneous Features

GetResponse offers many other miscellaneous features which are absent in Madmimi. Most of the functions in GetResonse are performed using a drag and drop interface which makes it very easy to use. GetResponse also facilitates social media integration for a better reach which again is not found in Madmimi.

miscellaneous features


After reviewing all the features offered by both the email marketing tools, let us checkout how much you will have to pay in order to leverage these services. The cheapest starter plan of GetResponse will cost you $15/month which will include 1000 emails. While Madmimi will cost just $10 per month, which will include 500 emails. However you can get 1000 emails at a cost of $12.

Madmimi Pricing

GetResponse pricing

Hence after comparison most of the key factors which might influence your performance in email marketing, we would like to conclude that GetResponse surpasses the benefits against Madmimi. Though GetResponse would cost you a few more dollars, the services which you would fetch are sure to increase your productivity. Moreover, GetResponse is also marginally easier to use than Madmimi. So now hand it over to you. Analyse your requirements well and accordingly make an optimal choice among GetResponse and Madmimi.

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