Free Mac Softwares That You Must Know

The world has greatly benefited with free Mac softwares. Their immense functions have certainly eased every one. After all, the softwares are known for their high durability and have certainly stood for their name.

A single key launch software namely “Quick Silver” is able to effectively and regularly creates catalogue which are performed. It assigns shortcut keys to the task which are performed at regular intervals and frequently opens applications, file along with folders.

Quick Silver runs way faster than Spotlight since being an open source program, it can be downloaded without spending a single penny.

Chatting becomes quite easy with Adium as it connects to different IM service providers in the form of MSN, AIM, Yahoo Messenger, Google Talk and Jabber. Thanks to the “all in one user interface” of Adium, it allows tabbed chats in one window, skinned chatting along with smooth “screen name switching name” capabilities. Of late, video-chat plug-in has been introduced by Adium as it facilitates video chatting. Thereby, it puts it at par with the iChat a well.

Azureus stands out to be the most popular P2P amongst Mac users. Thanks to its Java Script based interface, it is able to offer greatest versatility to them. It equally gives detailed information on maximizing connection speed along with customized settings. It allow users the luxury of modifying their network settings.  Hence, thanks to its enhanced functions, it stands out to be quite a coveted choice.

Are you having troubles in playing video and do not know the right and appropriate software to play them? If yes is your answer, then ensure increasing and everlasting happiness with VLC Media Player. After all, it offers complete solutions to every bit of your problem quite like the way you want. It stands out to be the best among the rest and is known for its versatility.


If you do not want Microsoft Words on Mac, then here is the perfect solution for you. You can switch over to Neo Office as it incorporates native OS X features like spell checking dictionary which helps towards enhancing the open source Open Office software. The best thing with Neo Office is that, it is able to successfully run all the files of Microsoft word along with Excel and PowerPoint without creating any sort of issues or problems in the process.

Finally, as you read the article, you will greatly ease yourself for sure.
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