How Can Apple User Make Video Calls With Facetime For PC With Windows OS

Facetime for pc is an exclusive computer application that is pre installed in all Apple products be it an iPhone, iPad or a Macbook. As the name suggest it is mainly a video chatting application that will allow the users to enjoy uninterrupted video calling experience for long span of time along with voice clarity and distinct picture quality. However, this application is exclusive to only the Apple products. Therefore, only Apple users on both the end will be able to make to make maximum utilization of this distinctive unique application.

Compatibility with Windows Operating System

As of now, the software that will make Facetime available on other Operating System has not been developed. Therefore, if an Apple user wants to connect his or her friends or relatives, they would not be able to do so. However, there are many other applications that can be utilized by you to video chat with your friends. Though the delegates of Apple has previously assured that a FaceTime software compatible with Windows will be launched soon, but till now it has not been developed. Thus the FaceTime application remains enclosed within the close knit circle of exclusive Apple users.

Other compatible software

Apart from FaceTime many other video chatting applications are available that are perfectly attuned for the Apple users with the Windows OS. Mention can be made of some of them in this context: Skype, iMovicha, Yahoo Messenger and many others. These online programs offer identical features to the users. All these free software application can be easily downloaded and installed in your PC, laptop, iPad, Tablet and even in the Android phones. But to use it in the Android phones the users will need to be aware of the Android Tips and Tricks that will make their experience even much more convenient and special.

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Some of the popular free platform for video chatting and a synopsis of their features are mentioned below:

Universally acknowledged Skype

Amongst all the above mentioned video calling softwares, the most popular one is definitely Skype. It is the most convenient tool that can bridge the distance between friends and families is Skype. This software perfectly syncs with the widely used operating systems like Windows, Mac and Facetime for Android, thereby making it available to a large cross section of the users. The features supported by this application are also similar to that of FaceTime like instant messenger, video and voice chat and also multiple video chatting. The voice and the video quality in this application are also quite admirable.

iMovicha, Ideal for 3G phone users

iMovicha is another equally good video chatting computer application that is most popular among the 3rd generation phone users. This software can be easily download from any of the online platform and thereafter make the most of it, by connecting to your friends and family from your phone itself at any time and anyplace. This software is compatible with Blackberry, iPhone, Smartphone and Android phones. Furthermore, it performs equally well in the any of the Operating System of your phone as well as facetime on PC.

Old is Gold, Yahoo Messenger

The interface of the Yahoo Messenger is absolutely uncomplicated, thereby making it the first choice of many users all round the globe. The picture as well as the voice quality of the video chatting in Yahoo Messenger is quite good and it is the most convenient choice for all the yahoo mail users as they do not need to make any effort to open a separate account as well. Enjoy unconstrained chatting experience with Yahoo.

Since Apple has not yet come up with any compatible software which will help the users to connect in FaceTime with a PC having Windows OS, it is best to download any of the free video chatting software to connect with your friends who are not an Apple user. Many Android tip and tricks are available that will make your video chatting experience over the phone even much better.

It is best to research on the internet to increase your knowhow and have an unremitting video chatting experience.

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