Some Of The Best Dreamweaver Alternative Softwares For Mac

A large number of web developers gives a lot of importance to Adobe’s (formerly called as Macromedia) instrument of choice Dreamweaver. But there are few free alternatives to the Dreamweaver of for Mac. An individual can have a check on all the alternative sources that are available in the market and make a perfect choice accordingly.
Traditionally Dreamweaver was always based on Windows. But if an individual is thinking to have a switch from Windows to Linux then it can be one of the most firm alternatives. If someone is thinking to opt for a switch then there are some fantabulous alternatives that will be easy to take up. Some of the free Dreamweaver alternative soft ware’s for Mac are as follows:-

  • Kompozer

Cost free, License GPL. Platforms: Linux| Win| Mac

Some of us know Kompozer as Nvu. This Kompozer has grown out of Mozilla Gecko. An individual can expect some of the basic common features as that of Firefox. And that that uses CSS it’s completely a perfect package for them. A support for FTP is being set up which is similar to that of Dreamweaver. All that an individual needs to do is just download Kompozer, extract it and that’s all. The Kompozer works perfectly fine with its CSS editor like a fully integrated site manager. Kompozer is a lot more clear in using CSS when compare to Dreamweaver. It even gives an opportunity to have an easy access to some of the well known CSS attributes. There are bulks of helpful HTML tag windows which have a same kind of functionality like the Web Developer Tool for Firefox posses.

  • Bluefish Editor

Free of cost, License GPL.  Supported Platforms: Linux| Mac| Windows (CYGWIN)

One of the best text editors for Linux is Bluefish Editor. If an individual is a code freak and need an extremely fast and stable fast editor then Bluefish is just the correct one to opt for. Bluefish gives the opportunity to open 500+ documents without much blink. Though it is not perfectly a web editor but its all fine if an individual have a clear image of what he/ she wants to do. Bluefish supports syntax for various programming languages which includes- HTML, Java, C, Coldfusion, JSP, SQL, XML, XHTML, CSS, Javascript, Perl and many more.

  • Amaya

Free of cost. License W3C. Supported platforms: Mac| Win| Linux

Amaya is the latest embodiment of web browser released on Feb 2008. It is the authorizing tool from the W3C. W3C has a strong focus on new technologies that includes SVG image format. Amaya’s downloading size is approximately 7MB exactly like Kompozer. Being a complete web page editor it also allows the function of browsing.

There are many other alternatives for Dreamweaver but the above ones are the best of the lot!!!

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