Dispatch Connecting Dropbox and Other Cloud Apps

We might have our files in various locations, which can be accessed from our smart phones. There are services which allow us to access them. These might have several benefits but disadvantages cannot be ruled out too. They might have multiple sign-in options which can become a cause of worry. By Dispatch, managing files become easier and simpler. Various cloud services – Google Docs, DropBox, Spotify and Instagram apart from a series of others are integrated with it. Dispatch helps you view all these together, removing that scattered disposition of the cloud. As cloud stores so much, it becomes necessary to clean the look.

Having all your things in one place makes your job easier. It enables you to know what you are currently doing and launch them into varied services. It helps you remain the social butterfly with ease. As your information is stored in the cloud, you can use Dispatch to just drag the file that you need into the services which you are operating. You can easily connect with social networking sites like Twitter, Facebook, Google Contacts and LinkedIn with dispatch. You might be having many cloud accounts; the best part about dispatch is that it supports perfect addition of these cloud accounts.

If you want to share photos with someone, but do not have the email address, you can still do it without messaging him/her on Twitter. You can use Twitter and grant him admission to the file directly! You can use Dispatch to share information or files from varied cloud services. When you are sharing stuff, it doesn’t become important to know about the cloud services used by the person. Most cloud providers are expected to be added in some time. Upon getting invited to dispatch, you can add up things which you would want to follow. The Dispatch workspace allows you to check out the updates of projects that are being newly made. This ‘freemium’ services are basically meant for the small traders, in its initial age.

Dispatch stack is made on Amazon web services just like Twitter which is made in Java. Jesse Lamb, the CEO and Co-founder of Dispatch says that it is not a channel that they are building for messaging as there are already some great channels. It might help in getting rid of email attachments which sometimes unnerves people. It gives you so much of freedom to try new things, by bringing all of it together and work on it differently in a new light.

At Disrupt, the technology conference it performed brilliantly this year. This service has become a handy tool for creating a private place which comprises notes, posts and discussion links. Now the company aims to make it bigger by making a foray into different services. This has emerged as a great means for employees who can coordinate several projects using it. In the days to come, we expect much improved facilities from it, as expected from the founder as well. Also learn how to share files from Dropbox to Facebook easily.

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