Data Protection and Security Tips

From hackers to broken down hard drives, there are many reasons that you need to protect your business data on your computers. With all of the companies being breached and credit/debit card information being stolen these days it is even more dire that companies take a look at how they protect their information and that of their clients.

It’s not just about protecting the info from thieves, it’s also about protecting data from loss too, which not only affects clients but your business as well. It doesn’t make sense not to use the technology that’s out there to keep your servers secure and safe.

Cybersecurity Tips

The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) regulates the majority of the things people communicate with, from TV to radio. As a force set up with protection of people’s rights in mind, they know a little bit about securing data and protecting it.

Some of the cybersecurity tips that the FCC recommends for small businesses include:

  • Always have the latest security on your computers and wireless devices, and keeping them updated and on.
  • Have a firewall setup for extra protection.
  • Always have backup copies of everything important, from tax papers to employee files and business paper to client info.

It’s also important to enlist best practices in your business, from what happens with client information to watch your employees are allowed to do on work computers.


Security Breach Information

With the abundance of security breach notices all of the news the last year or so, it’s likely that everyone is still a little on edge when paying for things with their debit or credit cards. Many banks have put to use new software and more protection to find breaches quickers and get their account holders cards cancelled faster to save their credit and their money. But more needs to be done at the higher levels too.

Protect your clients from losing precious info to hackers by making sure that you keep your data secure. Have malware protection on your computers, which is one of the biggest culprits in data breaches.

While there is no way to keep bad employees from running off with someone’s info, it does help to screen employees prior to hire, especially when they’re working with money.

It may surprise you, if you are a small business owner or planning to go into business, that around 80 percent of small businesses will go bankrupt after a security or data breach. That’s a scary statistic, so why not do what you can now to protect yourself. Synetic Technologies, a company that specially is IT asset management, has pointed out how very important it is to be on top of data security, whether in relation to data loss or breach. Don’t neglect your data, protect it.

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