Choosing the Right VoIP for Your Company

Businesses seem to be abandoning traditional phone lines left and right. This makes business sense because there are some great benefits to using a VoIP, which is what Voice over Internet . However, there are some pitfalls, as well. As a business owner, you’d be smart to pay attention to the following tips.


Pay Attention to Features

You need to understand exactly what services are included in the package you are purchasing for your business. Many VoIP providers offer a variety of plans, from which you choose the option that makes the most sense for your business. Make sure you get a demonstration of the features offered with each plan. If you need something specific like call forwarding, ask for it. The demonstration should clearly show what is available.

Check for Network Issues

Your business needs to make sure the network through which your phone calls will be routed is sufficient to give you good voice quality. Though a VoIP’s package may seem attractive on paper, if you are not getting good voice quality in calls, it won’t save you any money in the long run. Make sure your customers can be heard on the phone, and make sure they can hear you.

Some VoIP’s offer specific networks; others use your existing network. When the VoIP company offers a network, you typically get better voice quality because the company routes calls over data traffic. If you aren’t getting a networked service, make sure the company tests your network to ensure that it will work with their system.

Look for Hidden Charges

When you visit a VoIP website, you will see some very tempting prices. Those may not reflect the true cost of the service. There are often hidden charges for things like usage, licensing and support. Some packages offer unlimited calling, but only to in-network numbers. One cost that is often ignored is security. The price of security alone can increase your package price by 40%. Don’t ignore this cost; it’s important to have a secure system. Also look at the call types. Unlimited calling should include both local and long-distance calls.

Understand the Services

Make sure that you know what extra services will be provided and how you can access those. Does the VoIP provider you are interviewing have a plan in place for disaster recovery?  If they don’t, you will be stuck without phones if the system fails. Also, you have to find out about their customer service. If you have a technical issue, who do you call and how long can you expect to wait before someone can help you?  Your business needs the telephone, so you must have answers to these questions.

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