Car Expenses Going Overboard? Here’s How You Save!

Owning a car may have seemed a luxury before, but today, it is an absolute necessity. With the need to save time and stay connected, owning cars gives us just what we need. Especially when you have to go for an event that is far away or go camping with your friends or family, a car comes in handy. But as we all know, cars are expensive, and not only in terms of the cost of buying but there are a lot of overhead costs too. The overhead costs maybe insurance, maintenance, road toll taxes or even fuel expenses. These overheads may seem to make car ownership a headache. However, here are few ways how you can save on your car expenses:

1) Purchase a good quality car:

Cars are expensive and when you decide to buy a car, you usually try to look for one which will fit right into your budget. But that’s where we usually make a mistake. Instead of looking at a car which fits our budget, we should look for a car which will give us maximum utility and which will last for more than 5 years. Then we should try to buy this car by maybe collecting the amount of its cost or by financing it. It is always better to buy a good quality car as resale value of cars is not very good. So utilizing a car for many years rather than changing it every season will help in saving thousands of dollars.

Used car sales

2) Try to optimize fuel expenses:

Fuel prices are constantly on the rise and what’s worse, our cars need them. Without fuel, are cars are as good as nothing. But there are disadvantages besides fuel being costly, it is a constantly depleting source of energy and it pollutes the environment. Hence, we should try to avoid using cars for shorter distances. If possible, combine all the errands or make to do list a night before so that you don’t waste a trip. This way, you will be able to optimize your fuel expenses, not to mention the added environmental benefits.

3) Pool your car:

Car pooling has many advantages. Sharing your car with someone at work or even otherwise has the following benefits:

Pool your car

  1. It reduces cost for both the parties by half. Even better if you can find more people to car pool with as the cost gets divided by total number of people.
  2. You save a lot of potential gas for the future thus ensuring that you are doing your bit for the generations to come.
  3. You also contribute to reducing pollution and traffic as 2 cars get reduced to 1 car.

4) Car maintenance:

Regular cleaning and maintenance of cars is very important to ensure that the cars don’t give much trouble and run smoothly. It is also easier to sell well maintained cars at good prices, thus ensuring a good return on investment. You can save money online by using exclusive coupons from OZCodes to cut down your cost of car maintenance services.  Thus, you can save on cleaning services and yet ensure good maintenance of the cars.

5) Car tires:

Keep on checking the condition of your car tires regularly. Often times, unchecked car tired which get damaged by regular use, lead to damaging the suspension system thus turning a small repair cost into a huge cost. Regular checking of tires and changing them as and when needed will lead to a lot of savings.

6) Self service:

Pumping in your own fuel will help to reduce fuel expenses by 10 to 20 %. This may mean very small to you but consider this. If you save 20% of fuel expense once, then the 6th refueling will be technically free. Thus, self service will reduce cost and anyway what are you doing while your car is being refueled, sitting right?

Car Insurance

7) Car Insurance:

It is always better to know of all the insurance types available before purchasing car insurance. You can ask your dealer about which insurance they will suggest, but it is always better to do a little digging in of your own. Sometimes, car companies have tie-ups with insurance companies. But having prior knowledge will ensure that you are not being bullied and you may what’s right. After all, that money is hard earned and if we do not have a good insurance company or if we do not trust the company we choose to insure our car, it will lead to many conflicts in the future.

8) General usage habits:

Getting into a habit of being savings also has something to do with your usage habits. Try to inculcate the following:

  1. Don’t keep your car unused for longer time period. It may lead to rusting and add to expenses.
  2. Even while driving, when you stop your car for a few moments, it is better to shut down the engine.
  3. Keep an eye on the road traffic and adjust accordingly. Do not accelerate to a lot of high speeds again and again as this leads to fuel consumption.

Follow the above tips religiously and you will be able to save thousands of dollars on your car expenses.

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