Buying Used Mobile Phones Online

Today there are hundreds of mobile phones available in the Indian market, there are phones which cost you less and there are phones which cost you big bucks! It all depends on what you choose to go for. Whenever i plan of buying a smartphone i seek for some cheap deals on the internet. I often visit free online classifieds websites to see if someone is there for a good deal. You can search for sellers in your area like if you reside in delhi go to classifieds delhi and then search for the smartphone buyers and sellers there. The best part of buying stuff online is that you get a large range of options.”

Selling new or used phones has turned out to become a profitable business these days. Smartphone fanatics want to try and test  the hottest smartphones available in the market. Online marketing analysts say that sales of second hand electronics items have increased in the last 2 years.  There are times when people choose the wrong phones for themselves and end up selling them at a cheaper price. So if you are looking to test phones you can find many people who sell their phones at a less price.

I’l list a few points below which will guide you guys in buying a used smartphone over the internet. Its about Deciding whether to buy from a private individual or a retailer.

  • India is a country where we don’t have to worry about locked carriers. There are hardly a few phones which are locked, unlike other countries. In case you see an iPhone that is available for sale for the best price you need to find out if its a locked phone.
  • Decide about how much your going to send on the phone.
  • Do a study on how much the phone costs in retail stores.
  • Make a short list of phones which you are interested in.
  • Once you have listed it down check reviews about the phones. There are many websites which do full reviews, Hands on videos, tests and lots of stuff which gives us enough knowledge about the device. Before buying you need to be knowing every single bit about the product. Doing so will give u an idea if the phone has any common manufacturer’s defects or something like that.
  • If you find someone selling a latest edition device you should try asking him about why he is selling it. 
  • The most important thing is that you will have to check out for the return policy about the product. Make sure there is at least 30-60 days time. Inquire about who pays for the return shipping.
  • Make sure you keep all records of the deal, in case the purchase runs into a dispute, Record as in transaction number, invoice number, emails etc. i usually keep a record by taking screenshots.
  •  Figure out the shipping terms, See who has to bare the shipping costs.
  • Keep a record of the sellers Contact details, address etc, speak to the seller before buying the item.
  • Inspect the device. Look at the sticker under the battery. If water damaged, the white sticker will be red.
  • Ask for the Original Bill to avoid any disputes.

Buying a used phone  online can be a wise choice, but only if you know how to go with it. There are several factors that you must look into when making a purchase of something that’s “Pre-Owned”. I Hope these tips help you in making the right decision. All the best for your purchase

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