6 Best iPhone Apps Of 2018 You Must Know

Apple’s iPhone is what many of us dream of holding in our hands. The sleek design and the beauty of the device alone is enough to compel any geek to go for the iphone. But using the iphone just has more to it than the beauty of the device. The connectivity, the apps supported by the device and the speed you get from using it, they all sum up to what make the iPhone worth it.

Downloading apps on your new iPhone will be a very thrilling experience to many users, and some might find it rough after they realized that the app they just downloaded wasn’t that great. To help make your experience while using your iPhone an interesting one, this blog post will show you 6 apps that are most suitable and best enjoyed on your iPhone.



You love music right, well who doesn’t? This app allows you to stream from millions of music right on your iPhone. But what marvels me about the app is how it allows you to stream music even when you are off the internet. This is possible because of the syncing ability of the app, which allows you to wirelessly sync your music library to your phone, create and sync your playlist too.

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Facebook Messenger

Are you on Facebook? Damn, who’s not? Okay, this app lets you chat with your Facebook friends from wherever you are on your iPhone. This is not just for chatting alone, as it not only allows you to disturb your friends on Facebook, but also delivers your chat as messages to their iPhone once they are no longer on Facebook. In my own opinion, I’d rather go for this app than using Whatsapp on my iphone. But hey, Whatsapp is also a great app to have on your device.

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With 80 million users and counting, you can’t deny that this is the best image platform on the internet. Not only does this app excel on the internet, as it will also make a very great image god on your iPhone.

Take a picture and make it look pretty cool using the Hipstamatic-esque filters on the app, then share it on Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Flickr and so on.

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Although Apple has its own e-readers but that does not stop this Amazon’s iOS app from making a great app on your iphone. It’s totally free and you will enjoy from the millions of books from Amazon online ebooks.

The version 3.3 of this app has been updated with brightness control and also allows you to add a lower brightness to your reading.

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Angry Birds

Now that the birds are angrier, it will make a great entertainment to have this app on your new iPhone. With the power of the Angry Birds, you’re caught up in a new challenge to destroy the defense of the greedy pigs.

There’s always a new level to discover in this game. You can get it for just a dollar.

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Did we say that GarageBand offers the best level of hardware integration? If you have a Mac or an iPhone, you don’t have to worry about a hassle-free music-creation experience.

Even on low-end devices like MacBook Air, the app works quite smoothly.

Then, when you have to create music content, you can connect a variety of gadgets and equipment. Since Apple is the real deal behind the wheels, it offers the best compatibility as well. From a professional’s perspective, these things make GarageBand the best.

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